Friday, April 29

The Royal Wedding (part 2)

Today, everyone is talking about The Royal Wedding. Its all about Kate Middleton and Prince William. everyone is keep tweet about The Royal Wedding in any seconds and me as well. take a look at this ...

And the guest yang aku nampak hadir tadi seperti Agong Malaysia Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin bersama isteri, Sultan Brunei bersama isteri, Sir Elton John, and David and Victoria Beckham. rakyat jelata jangan cakaplah. macam macam negara sanggup datang. its kinda fun looking them happy and smile watch the wedding. and Kate was so stunning with the wedding dress. so adorable ! Love Kate and William #hearts


Eazy Izzuddin said...

so adorable...
wish my wedding be like that
baru tgk kt channel TLC

Asyraf Arif said...

baru tgk ke ? haiyoo. lewat lah you nie. haha