Friday, December 30

*Comeback* What's up 2012! Sayonara 2011 . . .

Hello people !
Assalamualaikum :)

Its been a while since my last appearance on this blog. don't feel like blogging for quite some times. and now I'm back with my words. how are you guys doin'? great? hope everything went well in 2011. we have another two days before we say goodbye to 2011. we have to fill these two days left with something meaningful to remember.

2011 had gave me a lot of memories. sweet, bitter, smile, tears and everything. its life. we have to face it all. as spoken, "life is like a wheel". sometimes, we are at the top of the world, and suddenly we can fall into ground. we have to prepare everything. that's what I learn through 2011. lesson that useful for me for the future.

Since the new day will come, I wanna ask for an apology if I did hurt your feelings, hurt you with my words, or maybe overreactive. I'm just a normal human being. I can't run from do a mistake. hopefully for the next upcoming years, I didn't do the same mistake again . . . :)

For 2011, I don't have any wishes but for 2012 I already prepare my wishlist. and I can't wait for it. by the way, I'm in final year of my diploma or else we can say as a senior year. Can't wait to finish my diploma, get a job, and further to degree. InsyaAllah. it is all only just a plan. Hopefully everything went well next year. senior year, graduation, go to the next level . . . arghh, can't wait for everything. kinda over-excited. anything it is, just pray that everything will went very well.

I have these two pictures from my favourite artist that suit with the time, end of 2011 and early 2012. *rollingmyeyes*



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